Jual MCD 200 Walkthrough Metal Detector

Jual MCD 200 Walkthrough Metal Detector

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10 / 01 / 2016
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Detail Jual MCD 200 Walkthrough Metal Detector

Product Description :
The Walk through metal detector uses a unique continuous wave multiple sensor Technique. An embedded microprocessor to analyzes data from 12 individual detection sensors.

An Alarm Display Panel indicates the archway opening; it shows six separate detection zones within the opening. Each of the six zones is monitored individually and typically detects a metal mass the size of a weapon before alarming.This substantially negates the problem of small amounts of harmless metal, such as keys and coins , causing an false alarm. Security personnel can see the location within the archway where a weapon sized object is being carried. If more than one weapon is carried the location of each is displayed.

The ground zone can be used to accurately compensate for signal losses caused by structural metal in a support floor. This independent adjustment eliminates the need to increase the overall sensitivity of the detector and thus reduces false alarms. Except in high sensitivity applications, increasing the floor zone sensitivity does not effect the operation of the upper zones. This means that uniform detection can be
maintained through the archway. Walk through metal Detector Zone Detection increases the through put rate of people being screened. A decrease in false alarms from harmless personal metal objects, couples with the ability to identify the location of weapon sized objects both increases screening efficiency.

Traffic flows faster and more smoothly because of the lower incidence of false alarms. Also, when an alarm occurs the security personal can immediately target the suspect object. Screening speed, accuracy, and quality of security are all enhanced. The Walk Through Metal Detecfor uses self-diagnostics that monitor
electronic, environmental, interference and metal overload conditions.

The Alarm Display Panel includes a twelve segment signal strength bar graph that Provides an indication of the size of a detected object and strength of external Interference. MCD series walk throughs eliminate common detector Problems such as false alarms, detection, and inconsistent operation.The superior Performance of the Walk through metal detector for benefits everyone; security Personnel have a lower workload, the public suffer less delays and ultimately the User enjoys higher quality surveillance.
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